Dynium Robot develops autonomous farming and crop analysis systems.

The core product is an autonomous driving system, enabling farmers to fully automate farming with pilotless tractors.

Dynium’s navigation systems utilise the latest computer vision and LiDAR technologies, enabling tractors to continue operating through GPS dropouts. The technology is perfectly suited to the most challenging sectors including high value crops grown in orchards, hop yards and polytunnels.

The vehicle’s collision avoidance systems continuously analyse the surroundings. Advanced computer vision techniques identify genuine hazards amongst the foliage improving safety and reducing the need for supervision.

Whilst working, the tractors can collect and accurately geo-tag crop data at much higher resolution than drones and satellites. This enables a reduction in chemical costs with early preventative disease detection without the need for costly surveys.

The system is vehicle agnostic and can be fitted to tractors to work with existing implements such as sprayers, mowers and cultivation implements.

·         Subscription based

·         Low upfront investment

·         <3 year ROI

·         24/7 operation

·         No visa fees, sick leave, payroll taxes

·         Lifetime product updates